Stepping back, moving forward

How young generations are embracing agriculture, bringing the new knowledge and science to reach sustainability and healhier food.

The western economic and social paradigm is falling apart and humanity is in the seek for new sustainable economic systems and values. Climate change, lack of natural resources, environmental pollution, overpopulation and hunger have put humanity at the edge of collapse. It’s tough times for everybody, economy has been down for the last 6 years. Younger generations are the ones suffering unemployment and lack of opportunities the most, but something is moving in the countryside, a new generation of people in their late twenties to mid thirties are looking to recession in the eyes,

being creative, grouping into cooperatives, taking a look back to what used to work and was left along the path to “modernity”, rescuing human values with social economy and questioning what we have been taking for granted from previous culture and education that has led us to where we are today.
These are people with values and care for a social economy, thinking not just for their own benefit but for their immediate community, caring for environment and health.

This is an ongoing long term project where I’m trying to depict what’s happening through some of the people involved in this silent and slow revolution with thousands of activists around the world and steadily gaining followers all over.