Gambling Barcelona's substainability away

Adelsson's Plan

How economic Elite’s tried to destroy Barcelona’s green belt

the end of 2011 Catalan government decided to enter the bid to host Mr. Adelson’s “Eurovegas”, an ambitious project to build a Las Vegas-like gambling spot in Spain. Mr. Adelson, an American casino magnate, who lists number 16th in the world’s most weathly people, already has a similar project in the island of Macao just by Honk Kong. He approached Spanish authorities around a year ago with lots of promises, tens of thousands of jobs that would imply the construction of the casinos and hotels and later in staff working in the premises. Money and tourist flow that would revitalize economy.
Due to Spain’s social-economic situation, with a rate of unemployment close to 25%, the two Spanish autonomies that have been offered the project (Madrid and Catalunya) are playing hard to host the huge casino complex, presidents of both communities are willing to

accept immigration, health, employment and environmental law changes which may set a precedent for other similar abuses in the future.The spot that Generalitat of Catalunya has chosen is an agricultural park next to Barcelona, 20% of the vegetables consumed in Barcelona come from there, and employs around 1,500 farmers, many of whom have been doing this for several generations. There has been a total opacity in the way that Government has dealt with the situation, farmers know from press that Generalitat has offered

this piece of land but no representative has been contacted yet. This administrative silence has affected deeply people involved. They have stopped all their planned investments for improving production quality standards and productivity for this year and years to come, moreover they are not sure weather this will be their last harvest, how much they will get for their land if they are finally being expropiated and if this is going to be enough to go by after they’re left with no land to work with. These are the human stories left behind the “greater good politics” our politic representative use to justify speculation.

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