One of the things I love most about photography is how it puts you into situations and helps you meet people you would never any other way. This is exactly what happened to me two weeks ago.

It was a sunny and hot day, i had been told to photograph some racist road signs a political candidate had put in Badalona, I did not manage to find the road sign in question and was heading back home, hungry since it was passed 3 PM therefore pretty pissed. But before getting to the subway I decided to have a beer (did I tell you it was hot?). Long story short, I met there the owner and her daughter, talking with them Marta (the daughter) she tells me she had seen a similar road sign just that morning coming back from radiotherapy, it was visible she had just had quimiotherapy, and then she tells me: “I had been thinking for a while in getting some portraits of me the way I look now, I will trade portraits with taking you to the road sign”.

This was the beginning of one of a really emotive and touching journey, definitely made my day/week/month.

I found a great deal of pride, strength and wisdom in her words and attitude, it was so easy capturing that moment… because she was just irradiating all those, I just had to push the camera button…

Gracies Marta per la teva generositat!












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